Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter in the city

Lawren Harris, member of the Group of Seven, had this house built in 1931. I liked the way the landscaping echoed the pines seen in many of the G07's work.

Lawren Harris House, 11"x12", oil on panel

Below is a car dealership seen through steady rain. I was sheltered in a doorway.

Dealership, 8"v10", oil on panel

It was very cold and windy, standing in a field painting this pumping station and skatepark.

Ashbridges Bay, 13"x14", oil on panel


  1. Hi Jerry
    I really enjoy your work. I participated in the TOAE this past summer and saw your work there, and then found your blog a while back. I added you to my blog list. (Not looking for a trade, just want to show your work!)

  2. Your plein air work is marvelous.