Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring plein air work

 Trailer, 11"x14", oil on panel

 Jade, 11"x14", oil on panel

Boat, 10"x8", oil on panel


  1. Hello fellow Torontonian artist! Your work is wonderful. Very clean and confident. Wonderful.
    Happy painting.

  2. Nice group of paintings, Jerry. I particularly like the last one with the boat. Did you see that the Ned Hanlan has been moved from the Exhibition grounds? I'll try to find its new home at the Islands in the summer; should make a good subject if there's somewhere to set up with a decent view.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Scott.
      I hope they find an interesting spot for Mr. Hanlan.

  3. Great paintings. Very "spring" in the city. Really enjoyed "Boat". The deep red of the building and greens work well together. I hope to see more of your work at the TOAE. I had to cancel this year. With my Mother's illness, I wasn't able to work steadily and so I don't have a good body of work but I hope to get in for a look around.