Saturday, August 22, 2015

City life en plein air

Below are some new paintings from around town and a local wood shop. All oil on panel, 11x14.
                                                                Summer Roads

Truck Lot

Wood Shop I

Wood Shop II

Wood Shop III

Yard in Snow II

                                                                       Car Lot

Below are small panels done with a hand-held pochade box, each 6x7 1/2.

                                                                 Bicycle Shop

                                                                  Corner Garage

                                                                    Night Scene

                                                     Gas Station in the Afternoon


                                                                       Spider I

                                                                     Spider II

                                                             Hoopers In The Park

                                                                 Summer Night

Canadian Fine Arts has now moved to 108 Yorkville Avenue here in Toronto. The new location is great and the space is beautiful. Check it out!


  1. HI Jerry,
    I am loving the new work! You are finding some great colors and keeping it simple at the same time. Your cars and interiors are looking really good, as are your sky's.